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An incurable disease: Really incurable?

Our health´s firmness can be determined by different components: the environment, habits, food, stress, life style itself... Those are some aspects that most of us can enumerate with ease.
There are, however, some subtle details we use to ignore some times: how much water we drink every day, how deep we breathe. But the main factor that can disturb our wellness is almost 100% unknown by common people: emotions; negative emotions.
An unpleasant event is processed by the mind, and the resultant emotion can take control of a lot of functions in our body. The stronger the impact, the more negative the effect.
There are different techniques available for minimizing those effects, so the impact is less harmful for our health. But that training abounds out there, and is out of our direct purpose.

What we really do is to detect the negative emotions, that have commonly been lodged for years, occult, causing malfunctions in internal body parts and systems. If any emotion keeps hidden, the negative effects stay for life (for instance, a recurrent disease, apparently cured before). But once the patient is aware of the true cause, the disease tends to disappear from the internal body part originally affected.

Far Diagnosis is based on two stages: diagnosis and healing. However, they are not necessarily connected to each other.
A patient might request a diagnosis from us, but not a healing, for he/she would rather like to receive the treatment in a hospital, based on the diagnosis obtained with us.
Nevertheless, if a patient wants to be treated (cured) by us, a previous diagnosis will have to be performed, because our healing system is accomplished if based on our own diagnosis, not on any other the patient might have.
Remember that our diagnosis includes the detection of the emotional root of the disease (if any). That´s the focal point in the process, due to the risk of a possible recurrence of the cured malady, if that detection is not attained.
Drugs and other usual treatments attacks the symptom (like a chronic pain, etc.), but not the negative emotion which could be connected to that symptom.

Is it possible to remove negative emotions?
Yes. It is. That´s what our site is for.
You can have a panorama of the relationship between emtions and different body parts in the following table:

   Body parts/systems    Negative emotions
Lung - Large intestine Sadness, melancholy, suffering
Pancreas - Stomach Anxiety, restlessness
Heart - Small intestine Fright, sudden alarms
Kidney - Bladder Fear
Liver - Gallbladder Depression, guilt feeling

A simple example:
Kidneys are influenced by fears. A 'not-really-brave' person is liable to suffer kidney malfunction.
If s/he felt some striking fear in childhood, the kidney will still manifest problems years later, when adult, because time is not a cure for that negative experience.

Method to follow. For now, just to say that when anyone asks for help, the process is simple: that person submits details of his/her problem, as well as some personal information (or just a recent photo; we let you know if required), and with that info we can detect the emotive cause of any disease.
We should never define a disease as 'incurable' without having first tried all available treatments. As said two thousand years ago: You search, you find; you request, you receive.
Remember, however, that not all diseases have a negative emotion as the root, but the diagnosis is also available anyway, as well as the corresponding treatment. How?
Please go to the direct explanation page to read about the steps you must follow.

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